DNA Discoveries


At some point in our genealogy research, we all run into brick walls that seem impossible to break through. Now that DNA tests have become reasonably priced and people are widely choosing to test, there is finally hope that some of these mysteries may be solved. Among the people represented by this site, we are already finding some clues. Each of the three major types of DNA tests has its own strengths and weaknesses, and so it is by pooling results of our own test and those of others that we will all make the most progress.

You can find more detailed information on each of these types of tests and their uses under the atDNAmtDNAY-DNA and Ethnicity tabs, along with some of our own discoveries.

Under DNA Matches, we tell a bit more about our atDNA, Y-DNA and mtDNA results so far as well as the surnames for which we would like to exchange information. Surnames of particular interest (in alphabetical order, not necessarily in order of importance) are: Blain/Blaine, Broom, Dufford, Foster, Frampton, Hays, Ivory, Lyon, McCullough (or McCollough), McKee, Morrison, Steele, Thomas, Van Rooijen. As we finish pages for the non-linked surnames we will update these links. In the meantime, surnames can be searched on our Family Tree website.

The Dashboard section is a closed section for near and distant cousins who have tested and shared results and with whom we are working to fill in those gaps in our trees. If you are a match to our lines and would like to join this section, please let us know.

We are very interested in connecting with atDNA matches and with anyone sharing our mtDNA or Y-DNA haplogroups. However, for mtDNA or Y-DNA, we are equally – if not more – interested in connecting with those of any of our lines who have tested, not just those on our matrilineal or patrilineal lines. Please contact us if you are related to any of the lines we list and have tested or are interested in testing so we can compare notes.

A good place to look for Y-DNA and mtDNA tests is FTDNA (we have no connection with this company – it is just one of the very few offering these tests in addition to autosomal tests). They regularly offer discounts, particularly around various holidays, so even though these tests are a bit costly, you can often get a good price!

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