If you have information, additions, corrections or questions relating to anything on this site, please let us know. We do our best to do serious research and work from as many primary records as possible. However, as we all know, even these can contain errors.

The focus of this site is to describe the history of our primary branches as far back as we can, and to put this in the context of the history of the time. It is not primarily a family tree site. Please also see our other site  for a searchable tree of all of our branches. In the interest of assisting with DNA matching, we’ve tried to get as many branches as possible down to at least 1950. We are as careful as possible to protect the identity of living persons, but should you discover a slip-up, let us know and we will correct it.

We are happy to help with questions relating to our branches, but please be as specific as possible about queries, including names, places, dates and any other relevant information. We get a lot of questions like: “I had McCullough ancestors in Western Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s. Are we related?”, and these we cannot answer.

On the other hand, a question like “My ancestor is Archibald McCullough, b. 1788 in X and died 1850 in Y, child Z. I am trying to find the name of his wife and think he might be related to your ancestor W” is specific enough that we are happy to check. Tip: search the name on our other site. You might find the answer there yourself.


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